Frequently asked questions about the association.


What is Superintendents.us about?

NASS is centered on advancing member achievement and promoting their profession.


Isn’t it more important to focus on the needs of children?

Superintendents.us is focused on the needs of children, but it operates from an innovative perspective: Great school systems are the result of great leadership.

Superintendents.us is enhancing capacity to provide school systems that give every child the best possible education.


How is the NASS approach unique?

Superintendents.us offers superintendents the means to accelerate problem-solving and achievement.

What are some examples?

•A tip for to avoid wasting time dealing with a board member asking for special favors.
•A sample list of expectations of administrators to ensure clear understandings.
•A draft Superintendent’s Vision for the District.
•An Innovative theme for the summer retreat.
•A new superintendent’s district entry plan.
•A list of the most common types of fraud in school districts.


Why do superintendents need another organization?

Today top professionals in every occupation are leveraging their potential through access to multiple professional organizations and networks, and the magnitude of a superintendent’s responsibilities calls for comparable advantages. 


Is Superintendents.us competing with AASA and other associations?

No, Superintendents.us is an added resource based on a different concept. The notion that superintendents’ organizations are competition for each other is passé.  Each deserves consideration based on merit.
Moreover, today’s thinking recognizes the value of collaboration and understands that collectively they can be stronger and more productive for their members.

Superintendents.us welcomes opportunities to advance their efforts.


How is Superintendents.us specifically different?

Superintendents.us is based on a different concept, it has a different focus, and it taps a different resource.

•The concept is building member capacity to deliver the great leadership necessary for systems to provide optimal teaching and learning.
•The focus is advancing member success and promoting their profession.
•The resource is the collective knowledge and expertise of successful superintendents.