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Publicize District Successes

Implement a Community Conversations Program CLICK

Team up with your staff and stakeholders for a community campaign that builds rapport and educates everyone at the same time.

Create District Promotional Videos  CLICK

Use student and/or volunteer talent to post promotional videos on YouTube. Motivate interest with a contest. This is a great example of a short video that highlights the Northland Pines School District shared by Wisconsin Superintendent Mike Richie.

Develop a Leadership St. Vrain Education Program  CLICK

Welcome interested community members with a highly acclaimed program that educates and builds trust.

Leadership St. Vrain is a highly acclaimed community education program that was launched during the 2009-2010 school year by the St. Vrain Valley School District in Longmont, Colorado.  Since that time, five cohorts of parents have participated in a formal training program designed to deepen their knowledge of district operations and exchange ideas with staff, board members and state education officials. It is especially appropriate for parents who want to obtain a foundation in district operations and governance and become more effective participants in school district affairs.  It’s an ideal way to connect with stakeholders and help them learn the realities of U.S. public education. 


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