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Meet Dr. Perry Berry and Read His Interview

     Dr. Perry Berry is the superintendent of schools for the Queen Creek Unified School District located in Queen Creek, Arizona.  Queen Creek has a beautiful heritage that reflects diversity and ties to the hard-working ranching and farming families. The community embodies a friendly, small-town spirit combined with tremendous economic and student growth. QCUSD has become one of the fastest growing districts in the state of Arizona, and it is clearly a district of choice in the East Valley area.
     This is a superintendent who is recognized as a model leader, passionate educator, and involved community member dedicated to continuous district improvement through collaborative partnerships and strategic planning. He is particularly appreciated for his ability to actively listen to all members of the school community and incorporate their input into a plan that is tailored to reflect the needs of students and the expectations of his stakeholders. In each of his career opportunities, he has focused on improving the effectiveness of systems and developing and refining the knowledge and expertise of staff and stakeholders. 
     It was through a succession of leadership roles and learning opportunities that Dr. Berry developed the essential skills, strategies, and philosophies and sound educational background necessary to excel in the position of superintendent.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, a Master of Arts Degree from Adams State College (CO), and a Doctor of Education Degree from Grand Canyon University.  He played professional baseball for the Houston Astros before accepting positions as teacher, assistant principal, director of curriculum, assistant superintendent, and superintendent.  
     Dr. Berry has a long list of significant achievements, including but not limited to passing bond measures and selling bonds as well as successful M/O overrides, salary study audits, district reconfiguration, district marketing and communication planning, curriculum development, building/remodeling schools, and much more. While these accomplishments are significant, Dr. Berry is most proud of the programs, resources, and practices he has implemented to prepare students to be productive and successful in their lives beyond school.
     Perry Berry’s success is clearly linked to his attitude, passion for education, and willingness to learn.


How do you see today’s superintendent? 

I can view no better way to have a positive impact on the advancement of student opportunity than as the superintendent of schools.  I truly believe in continuous district improvement and the superintendent ensures that initiatives/change reflects the specific needs of the students being served.  I look forward to coming to work and collaboratively developing processes, practices, and procedures that provide excellence in education for QCUSD students.

What new understanding did you acquire after two or three years on the job?

I have realized that the true success of the school district is contingent, in large part, by the governing board-superintendent relations.  Establishing trust and a commitment to work as a six-member team requires many items such as, but not limited to transparency, communication, structure, and a commitment to ensure that all members have everything they need to become part of our leadership team.

Please share a helpful or idea/strategy with your colleagues.

I have learned the value in collaborating and establishing professional norms/protocols that all members collectively develop.  The development of these agree-upon norms/protocols help people work efficiently and create common ground when working together. 



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