Public Table of Contents - EVALUATION BY THE BOARD

Organize to ace your performance assessment


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Adopt a Winning Attitude Before Your Evaluation Meeting

Changing the Subject of Your Evaluation

Description of an Effective Superintendent

Description of an Ineffective Superintendent

Evaluate Me on Measures, Not Tales

Evaluation = Performance Pay Contract Option

Evaluation - A Superintendent's Online Tool

Evaluation by the Board Contract Options

Evaluation Cycle

Evaluation Form - In Accordance with Best Practice

Goals-Based Superintendent Evaluation System

Job Description

How to Avoid Classic Superintendent Mistakes

How to Let Your Board Know What You Are Worth

How to Manage Your Evaluation

Making the Superintendent Evaluation Fun

Massachusetts Model System for Educator Evaluation

Ohio Standards for Superintendents from Ohio DOE

Performance Evaluation Process Guide

Performance Goals That Matter

Prepare for Your Evaluation: Anticipate and Plan

Reconsidering Superintendent Evaluation

Revamping Our Evaluation

Strategies to Keep You and the Board Focused on Evaluation

Superintendent Academic Achievement Incentive Schedule

Superintendent Evaluation Implementation Guide

Superintendent Evaluation Instrument - Sample - Texas

Superintendent Evaluation Process - North Carolina

Superintendent Evaluation System from Ohio DOE

Superintendent Evaluation Tool Box - Keys to Success

Superintendent Evaluation Workbook

Superintendent Evaluation: A Travesty that Need Not Be

Superintendent Performance Appraisal Instrument

Superintendent Qualifications and Duties

Superintendent's 360 Degree Evaluation

Take Part in Designing Your Evaluation Process

The 360 Degree Evaluation Form Sample

The Evidence-Based Performance Assessment

The Superintendent's 1-5 Rating Form

The Superintendent’s Self-Evaluation

The Superintendent's 360 Degree Evaluation

The Superintendent's Evaluation Purpose and Process

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