Public Table of Contents - BOARD RELATIONSHIP

Advance your relationship's effectiveness


               TABLE OF CONTENTS


#1 Thing to understand about a Board.....

10 Mistakes Made by School Boards
Administrator Duty to Keep You Informed
Advice for Working with Your Board
Asking the Right Questions = Incredible Power
Board Evaluation: A Rare Occurrence
Board Focus on Academics Benefits Schools
Board Meetings - Ditch Those Pages and Pages of Minutes
Board Member Overdoes His Homework
Board Members Assigning You Projects?
Board Self-Evaluation Procedures Sample Language
Building on Common Ground
Building Trust with Your Board
Caution! If You Ask Board Members They Will Answer You
Chaos or Calm - Be Aware that You Can Be a Factor
Clear Board and Superintendent Roles are Crucial to the District
Comment on maintenance and construction management
Communicating - New Rules When Connected 24/7
Conflict of Interest Misunderstanding
Corporate Boards and Substantive Leadership
Creating a Collaborative Vision in Two Years
Dealing With a Board Member Who Supervises Your Staff
Disconnecting Your Board from Its Counsel
Eight characteristics of effective school boards: full report
Engaging Your Board in Reform Policy Work
Enhancing My Board/Superintendent Relationship
Explore the Role of School Boards)
Formally Evaluating the School Board
Frontload Your Board Before the Under-Performing Employee Attacks You
Get Board Members to Ask Questions Before the Meeting
Getting Clear About Board Directions
How to Disagree With Your Board
How to Tell Your Board You Are Looking
Humiliating a District Employee in Public
Keys for Good Board/Superintendent Relations
Keys to a Successful Board Retreat
Let There Be Light
Liability - Inadvertent Actions That Create
Maintaining a Relationship with Your Board of Education… A Personal Opinion
Make Board Members Your Eyes and Ears in the Community
New Superintendent - Managing Your Arrival
Not the Board That Hired You
Performance Goals That Matter
Personal Liability and the Limits of Indemnification
Plan for Board Meeting Success
Policy - Guidelines for Public Statements on Behalf of the District
Policy - Sample Language: Board Meeting Guidelines for Public Presentations
Preempt Board Members with "Secret" Requests
Quality-Blind Layoffs Last Call
Sample Language: General Board Meeting Guidelines
Special Treatment - When a Board Member Asks
Strategies for Forging Stronger Relationships with the Board
Teamwork: Redefined
The Chess Game and Board Members
The Chess Game and Board Members
The Member as Public Surveyor
There's Always the Next Election
Time Saving Tips for New Superintendents - Organize Your Weekly Update
Tired of "Nope That's Not It" or “That’s Not What We Meant”?
Tool to Help Board Members Properly Direct Complaints
Tough Economics, and Your Role's Reassigned Transparency and Good Governance
Undermining Your Board Unknowingly
Values for the New Normal
Visible Roles for Your President
Vital Communication Tips
What to Remember When Working with Your Board
When a Board Member Speaks Without Authority
Who is Privileged When You Consult the Attorney?


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